Blu Matter
This conceptual design project explores systems and promotional materials that go into water insecurity amongst urban contexts.
Understanding the kiosk would take time to reprocess the plastic and there would be a period of waiting, supplemental brochures were designed to educate the user about what's happening in the kiosk and to educate readers about the local resources available to them. Not only would these occupy the user's interest, but it could address other key issues facing people experiencing homelessness. The dimensions of each brochure vary significantly to inform the user that they contain different information, making it more likely for them to read the materials provided.
The kiosk was modeled at 1:6 scale. Universal usability the kiosk was emphasized. As a result, creating a set of instructions for a fairly complex process led to the development of a corresponding set of icons.
Blu Matter was developed as an integrated system between the kiosk, a bus shelter-like safe space, and educational materials. This schematic shows how the kiosk would work and interact with people in the space.
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