Navellier Services Redesign
With the redesign of premium services on, Louis Navellier's suite of products needed a visual update to match the modern UI.

Market360 is the free offering of the Navellier services.

Growth Investor is the budget friendly service offering. This service features lower risk investment ideas.

Accelerated Profits features a more aggressive investing style. However, red in the markets represents sliding economies. As a result, the color palette for this service needed some adjusting.

Breakthrough Stocks is a service that highlights emerging stocks that feature explosive growth. This is the highest risk service offered by Navellier.

Platinum Growth Club is a bundled offering, only available through an invitation-only of select, high value subscribers. As such, this brand needed an exclusive, yet luxurious look and feel.

Portfolio Grader is a quant-based digital tool available for Navellier subscribers. 
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