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The primary focus of TradeSmith's website redesign was to effectively communicate the level of sophistication of the proprietary software tools it produces. The challenge was to improve the user experience by upgrading typography, colors, and layout all while still communicating core values and key features of the brand.
The new homepage features a more robust variety of content types as well as interactive widgets. Current subscribers may be familiar with many, if not all, of the featured products here, but new users are invited to explore and interact with the marquee offerings from TradeSmith.
The products page features a tabbed secondary navigation to help users drill down and quickly find the products they're most interested in. In each product card, new users are directed to an order form and returning subscribers can connect with each products unique login portal.
The research page acts as a hub for free editorial content. Users are encouraged to look through research-based articles and eventually opt-in to a number of free e-letters. 
Many of the new design changes meant creating experiences for mobile device users that were previously neglected in the legacy site design. Content was designed to be scannable, even on smaller screens. Users can now connect with new products, software, and editorial content, even when on the go.
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