Venture Signal
A digital tool for the next generation of venture capitalists.
Venture Signal is a digital platform focused on connecting investors with public companies actively seeking funding. 
The tool works to aggregate data collected from the SEC and a partner crowdfunding company to show detailed reports on individual companies.
Through dynamic and mobile-first design a user gets the information when they need it, where they need it—ideal for the modern day investor who's always on the go.

The home page design works to direct a user to the deals page, the first step in discovery when using a tool like this.

The company detail page shows dynamically pulled content from the SEC in a modular to adapt to changing or incomplete data.
In addition, a clear CTA to show how a user can invest in the company helps to assist with any decision making processes.

The deals table features a lot of sortable fields as well as labels to help a user quickly scan for available companies.
Since some users may be looking for specific industries, size of offering, or any other complex financial detail, a flexible and intuitive filter system is key.

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